Importance of Replacing a Residential Roof

Your home’s exterior says a lot about you. Apparently, a well-maintained lawn and fence underscore your style and good sense. However, your roof is the first thing your guests notice as they enter your home. It can, therefore, create a good impression or a not-so-favorable one.

From a practical standpoint, roof repair is critical, whenever necessary. Roofs provide the first layer of shelter for our household and should always be in excellent condition. A damaged roof can spur further damage to the property and cause considerable losses. While roof repair is essential, it can only do so much in restoring our homes into its previous glory, and stability.

Why it is Important to Replace the Roof

Prevent Further Damage to your Home

If left unattended, a small leak on your roof can transform into an unmanageable problem. A leaky roof can sip in water to the parts of the house where it accumulates, causing further damage.  Within hours, the furniture in contact with the water swells and delaminates while dyes from fabrics start to hemorrhage. The damage graduates to cupping and warping of the wooden floors within the following days. Wooden structures warp, swell and split, further increasing the level of damage.

You see, wood acts as a sponge to sitting water, which can then travel the wood’s entire length, compromising its structural integrity.  It can seem improbable, but leaks can dig away through concrete. The persistent drops can make holes on your home’s foundation, creating points of weaknesses.

Prevent Damage to Pipes and Electrical System

Even when you repair your roof, later on, the little water that gets away can corrode the pipes leading to further leaks. The problem with that is that leaking pipes may take time to detect, and that can lead to more issues down the road.  You may think you have solved the problem, and the risk is no more, but nothing may be further from the truth. The issue may pop up several months later in the form of corroded leaky pipes.

Another problem that a continually leaking roof can pose is damage to the electrical system. It’s common knowledge that water and electricity are not bedfellows, and nothing good can come when they close paths. Apart from the risk of electrical shock, damaged circuits and wire lines can be expensive to repair.

Prevent Health Issues

Accumulated water heightens the microbial and mold growth issues in a matter of days. The situation can put the health of your family and pets in danger and evacuation may be necessary.

Solve the Issue of a Leaky Roof once and for all

But what if I repair the roof? Well, similar to other products on the market, roofs must eventually succumb to wear and tear. That means repair alone may be a stopgap solution, and the problem will make a comeback later, posing more problems.  Doing away with the old roof allows the roofing contractors to also install a water and ice shield, which acts as an added layer of protection against future leaks in the event of ice buildup.

Enhance the Beauty of your Home

A beat down roof is an eyesore and does very little to beef up your standing among your visitors. Replacing your roof can allow sampling of the new, truly amazing architectural-grade shingles. And the best of all is that you can choose your favorite color, matching with the rest of the exterior, and making your home a true darling.

Increase the Value of your Home

While selling your house may not be on your bucket list, a new roof potentially increases the resale value of your home. The rising home value then recoups a significant portion of the roof replacement cost, making it a win-win situation.

It also avoids issues with building inspectors and appraisers. A deplorable looking roof can raise questions on the quality of the home and can stop any transaction right on its tracks.

A new roof is no small investment, and you should take your time to choose a reliable contractor. Typically, you should never leverage on the quality for the price. Excellent quality and appealing roof can quickly transform your home into the pride of the neighborhood and increase the value of your property.

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